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I teach people to develop intuitive access, create awareness, and act with clarity to make clear, authentic choices for success that reflects true nature.

All my life I’ve experienced things . . . a little differently.

As a child I saw people others didn’t see. I began to see into others lives and what seemed like other worlds or timelines.

But I was raised not to ask questions, and quickly realized how different my experience was and how others perceived it or made sense of it—I had an “active imagination.”

In order to succeed in my family and in life, I began to take refuge in more “practical” pursuits based in logic and science.



By the time I was 20, I was a mess.

I was so shy, so shut down buying stamps took everything I had. I had few if any skills to cope with the stress—the normal stress of life AND the stress brought on by trying to stuff myself in a box.

By 26, I was completely lost. Circumstances had diverted my path and I felt empty, lost, without meaning or purpose.

I realized I had to go back and gather up some of who I had once been--intuitive, connected, guided--and move forward from there.



That was the beginning of my Intuitive recovery and I discovered that as I learned more about the Intuitive and spiritual, the more I learned more about myself.

About why my experience of daily life seems so different.

About the crucial connection the Intuitive and spiritual have to feeling successful.

About how to live and work from outside the box.

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Leading with Intuition


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It was as if the world developed this entirely new dimension--but one that was there all along.

Using my intuition, I could decipher the situations and relationships, the conditions and events, that derailed me, made me feel empty and lost and helpless, and those that allowed me to feel strong and grounded and in alignment with who I truly am.

My intuition seemed to "read" situations for myself--and, soon enough, I learned I could "read" situations--life conditions, relationships, events, probabilities and possibilities, for others.

Intuition gave me the owner's manual I had so longed to have--and it gave me a gift to give other's their owner's manual, too.



Pathways to Success

I work with individuals and groups across the country to build intuitive strength, create connection, and make purpose-driven choices with clarity and ease.

Through focused coaching, group and corporate training, and experiential exercises and practices, my clients move from a place of un-fulfillment and disconnection into a life filled with aligned long-term success.

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